April 30, 2009


New computer for my girlfriend. Pictures and complete timeline of opening will be coming soon.

(I'm buying her everything, aren't I? First a car then a computer? I'm a nice guy!)

April 22, 2009

Pirate Bay lost....for now

NOTE: Wrote this on 4/22/09 and it didn't post for some reason, but I got it up now.

So yeah, Pirate Bay was found guilty for breaking copyright law. Sad day for me, sad day for everyone I say. Direct link here.

Why do I say its a sad day? Well for one thing, government getting into people's lives is one thing. Another issue is the fact of the whole "pirate" movement is being criminalized by a failing industry that doesn't know how to change and progress in a new age. And its funny that the article says "A court in Sweden has jailed four men behind The Pirate Bay (TPB)" but they haven't been jailed yet, haven't paid the 4.5 million in fines because there is this lovely process called the appeal courts.

I would go into a long conversation on the bad and good about file sharing, but in my mind the Pirate Bay was the equalizer of the entertainment industry. You wish to produce one good song with crap music for the rest of the CD? Well there will be people who will find a way to get that one good song. You want to grossly overcharge and screw over bands? Many will then go underground and support their own initiatives. Music Industry did one thing, Pirate Bay did a service that balanced it out.

Is it inherently wrong? Of course it is, but that doesn't mean you have to make torrents pay for it. The people wish to use the service because the other side of the isle, the music industry, has a failing business model. The Music Industry does not wish to change it, so they create organizations like the RIAA to do the dirty work.

Update: I wrote this post on Wednesday, but I got this today!

Pirate Bay lawyer calls for retrial

I love it when this happens. Actually, no I don't. This judge should never have been in charge of this trial. The judge should have excused himself from presiding over the case. Just another feather in the Pirate's hat I suppose.