April 10, 2009

NOM and gay marriage

And it continues on that I have less confidence in the US of A. I know I've wanted to talk about lean and printing and such on this blog, but it seems I keep wanting to write about other stuff. A restructure of the name might have to come.

I've been following a story for the past few days that just hits my common sense alarm way too much. This new group, National Organization for Marriage, seems to love the idea that marriage is sacred and gay couples wanting to have "marriage" is impeding and a horrible thing. Just watch their first ad campaign:


Call me crazy, but have you ever seen such an openly bigoted commercial? Call me crazy again, but I love the "California doctor" and the "Massachusetts parent" placement, being as both states are one of the prime locations for the gay debate. Also the comment of "we won't have a choice" is actually hilarious. So you can't marry anymore because gays are doing it?

Few points:

1) These actors sucked
2) Hippocratic Oath much?
4) Why are you afraid?

That to me is the big question. What is this group afraid of if gay people can marry? A conversation involving one of the leaders at NOM (Brian Brown) with Thom Hartmann popped up and o man, this guy is a real piece of work:

Thom Hartmann: Okay. As, uh. You know, over on your website, you have a list of frequently asked questions and answers and um... One of the questions is that -- that you put out is, uh "Are you a bigot? Why do you want to take people's rights?" And uh, y'know, your answer to that is essentially uh -- well, I'll let you give the answer.

Brian Brown: Well, we hear this question time and again when people stand up and say they -- they understand that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Well, y'know (?) immediate response from those that want to redefine marriage, "well, that's just bigoted". But, uh. Y'know. We -- We need to take this argument seriously. If... the entire history of California... and of this country's understanding of marriage is bigoted, what does that mean? Well, it means that, alright, the majority in California -- uh, if we take this too seri- seriously (cough cough), is the power of the law would be used to suppress, marginalize, and punish the majority that understands what marriage is -- so we shouldn't see- be surprised when we see the rights of those of us that believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman attacked and underlined (?) in states that move in the direction of same-sex marriage."
Full transcript is here

Just wow. So we gotta keep everything the same in our social lives no matter what? We have to be dictated by the religion of what is the proper way to marry? Just ridiculous.

Seriously, this isn't a religious issue, this is a liberty issue. Who a person wishes to be together with is up to them, society should have no involvement. If gays and lesbians wish to marry, why can't they? If you love someone enough and wish to make that distinction, whats the harm? Where is the fear? Why is there this fear?

Many people have been waving around that this group is "bigoted". They are worse then that. They wish to implant their fear into the general public only to further their own agenda. They can think this all they want, but to push their ideals in order to keep their "pursuit of happiness" over others is just ridiculing at best. My girlfriend and I both have the same thought, these groups are just one of the many that are pulling the United States into the ground. Why these still exist is beyond my comprehension. Hundreds of years of dissent and bigotry I guess die hard.

For awhile there was another video that was spreading over the webs that had an excerpt of auditions for the ad. They have been pulled off of Youtube and Vimeo for copyright reasons, but I'll find them and post a link to a direct download when I get the chance. They are equally infuriating but also insanely hilarious.

Oh, and the original meaning of NOM!

Edit: Rachel Maddow has some of the auditions, enjoy!

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